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Share knowledge and empower others
Lift burdens and provide encouragement
Work to achieve the potential of self and others
Appreciate multiple perspectives and seek truth
Accept responsibility for actions and inactions
Identify causes and implement long-term solutions
Minimize violence, prejudice, apathy, and waste
Advocate kindness, prevention, accountability & teamwork
Value life and nature without boundaries
Visualize a positive future, smile, and seize today
Think, care, try, and raise awareness now

It is only in the human mind that the world is divided by the invisible lines; where there is only one right point of view; and where the differences are categorized and labeled as better or worse. The world can be changed by changing your mind resulting in modified perspectives, opinions, expectations, and actions.

We live in a world where positive action is needed now.
It is important to realize that
the act of a single caring person can create hope
and foster the strength necessary for many others
to stand up against the negative forces which surround them.
It is also important to remember that all it takes for evil to triumph
is for good individuals to do nothing.
How one actually invests the 1,440 minutes available each day
is the true reflection of what is valued.
Ask yourself what type of world you want it to be
and then take action to create it today.

1 Create at least one positive act consistent with the mission each day, and, when possible, keep a record of acts and planned future deeds.
2 Focus on achieving the overall potential of what "could be" by offering one's best effort, and not by focusing on winning, avoiding failure, obtaining perfection, or conforming to the expectations of others.
3 Think "We" instead of "Us vs. Them" by understanding many people are not yet aware that WE are on the same team and have a common destiny.
4 Work to maintain a healthy mind and body in order to affirm respect for self and assure one's ability to act.

There are no committees, elected leaders, or meetings.
Nor are there any bureaucratic, political, power structures involved.
The "Team" consists of individuals who believe in and are willing to ACT
in a manner consistent with the mission, principles, and goals.
Each team member (Paladin) is considered a peer worthy of equal respect
regardless of distinctions such as gender, religion, wealth, education level,
race, job title, political views, or age.
The power of the team is based on the combined voluntary actions
of diverse individuals with different strengths and weaknesses.
The ability of each individual to uphold the mission under daily pressure,
adversity, and criticism will determine the success of the team.
Friendship and community among Paladins is encouraged on an individual basis.

The world enclosed in a heart(love) and viewed from a different perspective
serving as a key to unlock a positive future and to create hope
by sharing Knowledge, Empowerment, Kindness, and Encouragement.

Carpe Diem ! [Seize Today]

Hand Motion
Half the sign language symbol for “Love” which is typically two arms crossed over the chest.
The one arm across the chest provided by the greeter is meant to be returned with the other crossed arm by the greetee.